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OK so normally Jacob goes to counseling. But apparently for the past 3 weeks his counselor Ms Christel has had emergencies to include a death in the family. Well it has defiantly been blatantly obvious that Jacob has not been to see her. He went from having pretty near perfect weeks to attacking me just because I was on the telephone.

Well luckily he had an appointment on Friday with Dr Smith, his psychiatrist. She took one look at him and said umm he’s not sleeping is he?! So after he broke down and told her that he didn’t think he needed to sleep and that he was having issues with his anger again, she changed up his meds. So now we are in the process of weaning him off his Clonidine and switching it for the new meds … Mirtazapine. So we are taking him from a low dose blood pressure medicine to a anti-depressant. Needless to say I have slept with him the past few days just to make sure all is well with my baby.

Oh and while we were there on Friday I was able to make a new appointment with Christel and after 3 weeks he got to see his arch-enemy today! He hates her because he knows she is right and that she has the power to put a stop to what he is doing. After talking with him alone for about 15 minutes today she quickly called me back to set things straight. He thought he had the wool pulled over her eyes and was trying to tell her that he was acting out because he was jealous of Abi and that since she has started back that we are ignoring him and just giving her all our attention! Uh nope and he knows that is a lie. I set her straight them she set him straight. She said that he was to get over it and get it together.. She’s not playing with him any more.

We shall see how this works… Pray people pray!

Love ya!


Manic Monday!

Mondays are always manic around here but it looks like yet again this whole week will be not only manic but stressful and extremely busy to say the least! Here is what I have planned..

Monday: Quick trip to the grocery store, homework and Girl Scouts.

Tuesday: Eye exam, homework and Jacobs counseling

Wednesday: prepare for the weekend and Cub Scouts

Thursday: Catch up for the week and Abi has Counseling

Friday: absolutely nothing… you can not make me do anything I do not want to do! LOL

Saturday: Going to Zoo Atlanta with the Girl Scouts

Ok so actually this week is fairly typical for us, but if you still feel it is too much for one to-do PLEASE BY ALL MEANS FEEL FREE TO STEP UP AND HELP OUT!



Let’s see my last post was on September 12, and I was apologizing for no longer blogging regularly and I put in a side note that Abi had started talking and Scott had gotten a job. It is now October 2, wanna know what has happened since then… Are you sure?!

LOL oh here it goes, you asked for it!

Indeed Abigael is talking again, just not to everyone just yet. As of now she will only speak to Jacob, her dad, Granny, Alvin and myself. As soon as she senses the presence of someone else, she shuts up like a clam and Jacob seems to be the only one who can get her back to talking. For those of us that she does talk to she just picked up where she left off she whispers, sings and has God forbidden tantrums in which she can scream to high heaven and back.. LOL I love her beautiful voice, just wished it was beautiful all the time! She is slowly starting to make noises around everyone else, which leads me to believe that someday soon everyone will hear this little angel!

Yes Scott did have a new job. A really good job too. But unfortunately he let the devil get into that thick skull of his and he quit,3 weeks in and he just walked away. But that is OK, well it’s not OK but what is done is done and there ain’t nothing I can do about it now! I screamed, I hollered, I threatened, I cried, I beat him with a yard stick, but non of that got his job back nor did it make me feel all that much better…Maybe I should have tried a bat?!

After all this we sat down like grown ups and had a little talk. He is going to get another job and we are going to reinvent our marriage. Although we thrive on routines, there are places that they don’t belong and a marriage is one such place. Over the past 9 years we have just figured out what works and kept doing that. And well our little rut is boring and not helping matters! So we through our the rule book and are changing things up.

Oh yea and in the past week I have been attacked by a bird, a stuffed monkey posed as a rat and a snake! LOL Ok I will tell more! Somehow, don’t know how and really don’t care how, a small brown thrasher managed his way into my house and into my bedroom. After about an hour of trying everything I could think of to rid myself of the sign of death in my bedroom. I through in the towel ran in got its attention and let it chace me all the way outside. I can still feel that mean lil booger on my back!

The stuffed monkey posed as a rat attacked me that very same night… OK OK it didn’t attack me, but it did scare the bejeezus out of me LOL. so here I am still visibly shaken by the bird attack that afternoon and trying to manage to still get a few things done. So I make my rounds and end up in Abi’s room turning down beds and laying out her clothes for the next day. When out of the corner of my eye I spot a good-sized white rat under her bed. I start freaking out cause I know she has no rat like toys. Scott comes running to the rescue and immediately starts trying to get it out from under the bed, only one problem. He has no clue what he’s after cause he doesn’t see anything under the bed. I continue screaming and add a few mean comments because only Scott can miss a huge white rat under the bed! By this time Granny hears me and grabs her bat if it comes after her. Then my beautiful Abigael manages to stop laughing just long enough to whisper Mommy it’s just a stuffed monkey! What no way.. i can tell its a rat! Well call me a fool I don’t care but she bravely and against my will reached behind her bed and grabbed the rat by the tail, only to show that it was indeed just a stuffed monkey! LOL oops!

So OK the snake didn’t exactly attack me either, but it was very real and very alive! Today Scott and I managed to find a few minutes to watch some TV while the kids played outside. Well halfway through Patch Adams, Abi runs in and screams Mommy there is a snake! We jump up run outside, and yep.. The was a 2 ft long black snake making its way across the yard. OK not scared of a black snake so we just scooped it up in the sand bucket and through it back in the woods. But Thank God it was just a harmless black snake and that she had enough sense to come get us and not play with it!

Not exactly sure that this catches you up on everything, but apparently if you don’t blog for a few weeks you end up writing a book! I promise to at least try to start back to my daily blog agenda come next week.

Until then… I love you!

Tuesday’s Aspie update

So today is Tuesday and yep we spent it sitting in a waiting room waiting on Jacob. while he sat in a cozy office and played Angry Birds! He had another great review. She said that next week is his test. He will be home with me all week and usually this is when things fall apart. He thinks that since he is at home he doesn’t have to worry about how much time he spends on his media or anything else. So keep your fingers crossed that all goes well and that at the end of next week I still have a head full of blackish red hair!

In other news he came down with a stomach flu tonight. It hit hard but seemed to pass really quickly. I am hoping that he is all good to go in the morning and I do not have to spend my day at the doctors office.

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WOW what a Manic Monday!

WOW was today hectic or what! I was way too busy to even think about what was going on! Jacob had a sleepover last night and of course since they didn’t have school today, they were up at the break of dawn with the tv blaring and computer blasting video games! 6am was way too early for all that! Now of course come tomorrow morning when I am trying to wake them up at 6:30 it’ll be ww3, Jacob has already said that he wasn’t going tomorrow for us to not even bother waking him! Ugh, where did he get the idea that he can pick when he gets to go to school?!

Unfortunately the rest of the week is going to be just as hectic as today…minus the parties and sleepover of course!

We have our usual counseling and play therapy but also Cub Scouts start back this week so that is another thing we will be shoving into an already over booked calendar! Scott also has to call first thing tomorrow to find out about a drug test he has to take for a possible job he is going after. So pray pray pray that he gets this job! We also have curriculum nights for both the kids Tuesday and Wednesday. Don’t know how we are going to do it on Wednesday as Scott and I both have to be at Cub Scouts and will not be able to make it to the Kindergarten Night. Guess I will see if my mom or Granny can go cover for us.

Alright my loves, it is getting late and I have a migraine so I’m going to log off here and log into dream land. Show some love and subscribe or follow in some way. Love you and I will see you again tomorrow!



TGIF also means I need to review my week and see what needs changing.. So here it goes

MONDAY: Kids had a very hard time getting up for school, Abi especially. She is starting to refuse to get up until the very last-minute. She is finding every little situation that she can control and using it to her advantage. She is afraid of losing control or being forced to do something she doesn’t want to.

TUESDAY: Kids gave us a hard time again getting up for school. Really don’t know how to change this, I will be brain storming. Jacob had an excellent meeting with his counselor,if things keep it up we will be spacing out the days a bit longer than we are now!

WEDNESDAY: I have been really sick all week, really don’t know what is going on with me. I can barely stay awake throughout the day and I am nauseated really easy. NO I AM NOT PREGNANT! I think I may be having a bad reaction to my cholesterol medicine. I need to research it to see.

THURSDAY: Didn’t get to take Abi to her therapy meeting today. I was just too sick, I can barely move! And apparently her therapist was sick also cause they called to cancel before I had a chance to! I was actually looking forward to this meeting, hoping to have a few more questions answered. Now to just remember to call and reschedule and to remember the questions that I want to ask!

FRIDAY: WooHOO It’s Friday, tomorrow is Saturday. I love Saturday!

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Ok so like every Tuesday Jacob had counseling today… Pretty much standard meeting. She just wanted to find out how he was doing on the behavior chart we have worked on for a few week. He did AWESOME last week and showed us that when he puts his mind to it he really can behave like a little gentleman versus the wild indian we see much of the time! I love Jacob so very much and honestly wouldn’t cure him of the Aspergers if given the chance. Over the past 5 years we have known he was an ASPIE we have grown to love his quirkiness, as long as no one is getting hurt! I’ll list the behaviors below that he is working on. He gets a nickel for each one he gets a smiley face for on Sunday and his counselor lets him play Angry Birds on her phone if he gets a certain amount of points during the week. This past week he received 47/50 points! the 3 points he missed were for sneaking and playing video games while grounded!


Current Behaviors being monitored:

  1. limiting media possible 7 point
  2. hitting, kicking, pushing, possible 7 points
  3. getting to school without issue possible 5 points
  4. staying at school all day possible 5 points
  5. doing homework without issue possible 5 points
  6. back-talking possible 7 points
  7. self-control possible 7 points
  8. threatening possible 7 points

total possible points 50

If he gets all 50 points we will reward him with an extra 50 cents for a possible weekly allowance of $3.00!

Once he has met the terms of his contract (I’ll post more on that another day!)  a new one will be written out and a new behavior list made up, but for now we are very pleased with the progress of our Tuesday’s ASPIE!

My week at a glance…..

MONDAY August 1, 2011

Kids started school. Jacob is now a 3rd grader and Abi has finally made it to big kid school and is now a kindergartener! Where on Earth did summer go. The heat came in like a slap in the face but the lazy days of summer never made it to my house!  I hope my kids enjoy their school year and always remember to do their best!

Tuesday August 2, 2011

Ugh! This morning was horrible! Just like in years past Jacob refused to get up and ready for school. By 7am I had been called stupid lazy and mean. Apparently I am the worst mother on Earth just because I make my kids get up get dressed and go to school. I know he has Aspergers and all but I can not keep doing this.

He did have a counseling appointment Tuesday afternoon, which he hates. He says Ms Christel is horrible and tells us to do horrible things to him.. LOL she is a big advocate of routines and schedules, so he hates her!  He refuses to do anything she asks him to do. He says routines ans schedules are mean and are not for him and that if we even tried to understand him we’d know that. Too bad for him I also know that once he gives in and complies to the routines and schedules he does wonderfully!

Also today we talked him into getting his hair trimmed!  He now has eyes, ears and a neck!

I love you Jacob, you will forever be Mama’s Lil man!

WEDNESDAY August 3, 2011

Well as if my life wasn’t already complicated and full of grief and hardship, today I was diagnosed with Pre-diabetes and high Cholesterol. Doctor says I have 6 months to lose at least 30 pounds. He’s not convinced that weight loss alone with help either my sugar levels or my cholesterol so for now he is also putting me on meds to help the cholesterol, gonna wait and see though about the sugar. Guess I’ve gotta get my butt in gear and start eating better and breaking a sweat by exercising not just by sitting in the sun!

THURSDAY  August 4, 2011

Yet again today Jacob caused chaos to break loose in refusing to get up and go to school. I’m not sure why he hates it so much, he does extremely well and always reports having a great day. Also today Abi had a “Play Therapy” appointment. I really think that she enjoys meeting with Ms Lindsey each week. Only time will tell if we’re actually making progress. Which I totally believe we are. She is now making lots of noises, all she lacks is actually speaking which I hope and pray is just around the corner.

FRIDAY  August 5, 2011

TGIF! We made it through the first week of school despite going through hell each and every morning. The new routines and schedules seem to be working pretty well, but I am sure they will require some tweaking soon. My new way of life is becoming easier every day and I am accepting the fact that I just can not eat like everyone else. House is tidy and we can enjoy a weekend of family fun!

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