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This morning school started back for my kids, therefore my morning walks started back. Being Monday morning, one of the first things I noticed as I started up the incredibly steep hill outside my door was that the garbage man had already come and gone leaving behind the hideous smell of week old trash.  As I continued up the hill holding my breath I remembered that just a few months ago, just as Spring was bursting free, God had very bluntly let me know that garbage men are his most prized creations.

Now I know what you are thinking, you are thinking that I must have held my breath too long and killed some brain cells, because there is no way that a stinky old garbage man is a prized creation of God. LOL I know I know, I said the same thing, but just hear me out.

I had a really rough winter. Stuck in the house with 3 kids for ten days straight at one point. With all the ice and snow and no way out I slipped into a depression. My days and mind were filled with gloom and just drug on and on. Then Spring came, flowers bloomed, birds sang but I still felt like the world was coming to an end (nothing to do with the 5/21 rapture, God will come back when he is ready!). I was fed up I needed a break and I deserved to be happy too! So off I went up that hill, making every effort to take in the beauty of the blooming flowers and singing birds. I even stopped to watch a couple of squirrls chase each other up and down the trees.  Then I heard it, the garbage truck was coming. Oh no I thought I’m gonna end up walking behind it. Just great here I am trying to take in the site and lift my spirits and I end up having to deal with this.

On I walked. I was on a mission and that filth was not going to stop me from finding my joy! I actually made it half way through the neighborhood before I met up with that thing that was set to ruin my day! I had already stopped looking for flowers and instead kept track of which houses he would be stopping at. Then I saw it, coming up was a house that the truck hadn’t got to yet and they had forgotten their bins at the side of their house. Oh well poor folks gonna have to deal with all that trash for a whole nother week was my thought because hey this trash company lets it be no secret that if you don’t have your bin roadside they will not come back to get it. So on I walked shaking my head thinking what would I do if I were in that situation. I think I would have to take all my trash to the dump myself cause there is no way we could keep up with two weeks, impossible. I passed the truck with a sigh of relief, I could actually breath now, the smell wasn’t so bad.

Then something caught my ear, he was stopping, but why I know I saw the bin at the side of the house. So I stopped and turned to look and about fainted. What I saw not only took me by surprise it make me pray to God!

As I turned and the truck came to a complete stop,the driver door swung open. What in the world was my thought. Then out jump a stout middle aged bald guy, whom I think was a little over dressed to be a garbage man. Um ok, what is he doing?!  He proceeded to walk to the side of the house roll 2 overly stuffed bins roadside, climb back into his truck, use the mechanical arm to empty the bins, get back out of the truck and return the bins back to the side of the house.

Lord what just happened, why on Earth did you let me witness this. What just happened?! Then I knew. Out of all of his wonderful creations, mankind is his most prized. Not the Eagles, not the roses, those are here for our enjoyment. The most beautiful pieces of nature are here  for the pleasure of his most prized, the one he cared enough to make in his own image, the stinky old garbage man!

Now I still don’t like taking my morning walks while the garbage truck is making it’s rounds but now I don’t see the man driving that big nasty truck the same. Instead of causing me grief and making me angry, it brings me joy and lifts my spirits!


No one’s perfect!

I am having a bit of a hard time finding my inner muse tonight, so bear with me here. I am hoping that if i ramble on enough my thoughts will organize themselves into what looks like a well planned out blog! And no my blogs are not planned, I have sat down to plan out a  few blogs and I just cannot do it. I lose to much of the emotion and just about all of my feelings get lost, so I like to just start typing and let the Lord take this wherever he wants.

Speaking of planning things out and just letting God lead the way, where do you draw the line? I am not in any way asking to take God out of the picture, but I am asking do you plan every minute of everyday to include your time with the Lord or do you leave it all open and just do things as you feel led to do them?

As a mother of two special needs children and the wife of a special needs, I would like to have everything planned and scheduled, but at the same time I find it nearly impossible to even have the most basic of routines.  I have done lots of praying on this matter as well as lots of research. They both led me to a wonderful website in which I have not only learned a lot about routines and house cleaning but I have also met some truly lovely friends and supporters. The website I speak of is www.flylady.net and Marla Cilley is the founder and creator of a wonderful system that not only gets your house clean but your entire life organized one baby step at a time.

With that said, even with the Flylady‘s wonderful help and all the great support of fellow flybabies, I still have a horrible time with this. Sure I can write out the perfect schedule for my family, I can create routines all day long, but when it comes down to fact or fiction they are just words on paper.  My kids have never been in bed by 8pm and if I am awake at 6am it’s usually because I haven’t went to bed yet. I have alarms and timers going off constantly but much of the time they are just background noise in an already loud symphony of chaos and catastrophe.

For the longest time I believed theat even among thousands of flysisters I was the only mother that struggled with this. Somehow in my sometimes very dense brain I had convinced myself that my children were the only ones pitching tantrums at 2 am because their movie went off and I couldn’t find the remote quick enough. I thought I was the only mother that struggled with all the ins and outs of having a family. that is until I opened up and started sharing my troubles, then one by one others stood in line with me. I now see that the average mom don’t have it together unless they run their house hold like a prison boot camp. We all struggle with something, rather it be laundry, dishes, or bedtime. My somethings just happen to be everything! Just like my kids are my everything.

I will continue to write out schedules and routines. And I will continue to baby step my way to a happier home, but I know that no matter how perfect things look on paper, they are just words and in reality no ones perfect, no family is perfect and nothing is going to change that.

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