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OK so over the week-end I signed up for a 30 day routine challenge. The object is to get on track with my daily routines over the next 30 days. We had to come up with 3 items for each of our routines and email them to the challenge admin Ray. Over the next 30 days we are expected to not only keep up with our routines but also email her each night with our TADA list (list of things we completed above and beyond our routines) and our Journal entry (detailed listing of everything we do throughout the day from picking our nose to picking out clothes LOL). she has set up a point system with a total possible over the 30 days of 990  and at the end of the 30 days the  person with the most point will win a prize (gift card or handmade basket).

So today was Day #1 how did I do?

Well so far I have completed 7/9 of my routines (one being this blog and the other going to bed)I have compiled my TADA list and Journal entry. all that is left is submitting the email and logging off for the night. so what did I think.. Well it was a little nerve-racking having to keep track of every little task I completed throughout the day but at the same time it was a huge eye opener(you don’t wanna know how much time I spent on Facebook LOL). So will I continue with the challenge? Of course and not because of the prizes either. i signed up for this challenge because I know without a doubt that unless I get myself on track and keep up with my routines the rest of my family isn’t going to either and routines make things with special needs kids so much easier!


I have actually had a binder (let me rephrase that…several binders) with my routines and such for several years. Do I use it (them) on occasion but for the most part no. So on Monday I began the mission of figuring out why I didn’t use my binder(s) and how to change that.

First and foremost thought was…I HAD WAY TOO MANY!

I counted 7 but I am pretty sure some were playing double duty!

Secondly that although I am an advocate of routines and schedules and am always revamping my own, they don’t do you much good if you don’t use them. And well most of these binders were filled with routines, schedules and to-do lists that I never even looked at. It was all just too overwhelming. I had to minimize and reorganize. So I made a mess!

I spent pretty much an entire day, just going through each binder, pulling out what I wanted/needed and trashing the rest.

After the big binder de-clutter I was able to downsize from 7 unused binders to 3 I’d better start using binders and 1 folder!

 These are from left to right 1. My Cub Scout binder 2. My F.A.C.E binder (the one I am really iffy about!) 3. My to do folder and 4. My L.M.B (Life Management Binder)

Obviously the Cub Scout binder holds my lesson plans and curriculum. I also have a Cub Scout section in my L.M.B which I place my attendance records and Scout info. The F.A.C.E Binder is a printable control journal on Flylady.net that is supposed to help you gain control of your finances. Honestly I have never opened it so I can’t say whether it works or not…. The to do folder is self explanatory, if I need to do something (fill out a form, sign something, fix something, etc.) and can’t do it right away, it goes into the folder. Each night I do my best to work through the folder so that t is empty in the morning.

Then there is the Life Management Binder or the L.M.B as I call it. This is the binder at the front and center of my life. It has several sections, each section covers a different aspect of my life that could use better management…

First in the L.M.B is the calendars section…. In this section I have included all my calendars. The school calendar, cub scout calendar, my week at a glance calendar, and any other calendars I happen to get in the course of my merry ol life..

Next is the Schedules and Routines section… In this section I have included everyone’s daily schedules, my weekly and monthly schedules and everyone’s daily routines.

Up next is my Housekeeping section… this section is all about cleaning.  I have my weekly cleaning lists, hot spot lists and everyone’s daily chores listed out as well as the house rules and media rules.

Next up is My Finances section… all money related things go here. Bill pay passwords and monthly due dates of the regular bills are listed out. I also have included a subsection here called Menu Planning where I keep all my menu calendars and such.

Then there is the School section… Here I have placed all the school info I need to hang on to. Extra car tag, handbook. Teacher notes, medicine forms and ect.

My Scout section is next. Here I plan to place my attendance forms and parent contact info as well as lesson plans and outing info.

The next 4 sections are dedicated to each family members medical info. Medicines we take. Doctor note etc. with 2 special needs children and a special needs spouse I do not use these sections nearly enough!

After the medical sections comes the sections on my little business Crocheted Creations in which I put product info and ideas. As well as sell info and other business related stuff. Then there is a little section just for this blog, where  I put all my blog info and ideas.

And since I was running out of tab dividers and ideas for tabs the next section is labeled other! In this section I have placed everything else that I think belongs in my L.M.B but couldn’t be placed in a section alone.

Then I have my contacts section in which I plan to place everyone’s address email and phone number that I actually use. It will make filling out invites thank you’s and Christmas cards much quicker!

Then Last but not least is my Inspirational section. Here I have placed a few of my favorite poems and such. Things that I can read for a quick pick me up when my spirits are down.

And there you have it. I apologize that this has turned out to be so long. and for those of you who have waited I actually started this post on August 6 and today is August 14 (my Daddy’s birthday!) I do plan to do a follow-up of this post and include all my routines and possibly my schedules and give you a peak of my kids companion binders which they call their Kids Constitution! But that is another day for now I am exhausted and sick. Goodnight!

My week at a glance…..

MONDAY August 1, 2011

Kids started school. Jacob is now a 3rd grader and Abi has finally made it to big kid school and is now a kindergartener! Where on Earth did summer go. The heat came in like a slap in the face but the lazy days of summer never made it to my house!  I hope my kids enjoy their school year and always remember to do their best!

Tuesday August 2, 2011

Ugh! This morning was horrible! Just like in years past Jacob refused to get up and ready for school. By 7am I had been called stupid lazy and mean. Apparently I am the worst mother on Earth just because I make my kids get up get dressed and go to school. I know he has Aspergers and all but I can not keep doing this.

He did have a counseling appointment Tuesday afternoon, which he hates. He says Ms Christel is horrible and tells us to do horrible things to him.. LOL she is a big advocate of routines and schedules, so he hates her!  He refuses to do anything she asks him to do. He says routines ans schedules are mean and are not for him and that if we even tried to understand him we’d know that. Too bad for him I also know that once he gives in and complies to the routines and schedules he does wonderfully!

Also today we talked him into getting his hair trimmed!  He now has eyes, ears and a neck!

I love you Jacob, you will forever be Mama’s Lil man!

WEDNESDAY August 3, 2011

Well as if my life wasn’t already complicated and full of grief and hardship, today I was diagnosed with Pre-diabetes and high Cholesterol. Doctor says I have 6 months to lose at least 30 pounds. He’s not convinced that weight loss alone with help either my sugar levels or my cholesterol so for now he is also putting me on meds to help the cholesterol, gonna wait and see though about the sugar. Guess I’ve gotta get my butt in gear and start eating better and breaking a sweat by exercising not just by sitting in the sun!

THURSDAY  August 4, 2011

Yet again today Jacob caused chaos to break loose in refusing to get up and go to school. I’m not sure why he hates it so much, he does extremely well and always reports having a great day. Also today Abi had a “Play Therapy” appointment. I really think that she enjoys meeting with Ms Lindsey each week. Only time will tell if we’re actually making progress. Which I totally believe we are. She is now making lots of noises, all she lacks is actually speaking which I hope and pray is just around the corner.

FRIDAY  August 5, 2011

TGIF! We made it through the first week of school despite going through hell each and every morning. The new routines and schedules seem to be working pretty well, but I am sure they will require some tweaking soon. My new way of life is becoming easier every day and I am accepting the fact that I just can not eat like everyone else. House is tidy and we can enjoy a weekend of family fun!

Just a little side note here asking you to please feel free to subscribe and follow my blog. I hope that I have at least in some way sparked a bit of interest in you. I have many plans coming up for this blog and would love to share my life with you! So please sign up and join me!

No one’s perfect!

I am having a bit of a hard time finding my inner muse tonight, so bear with me here. I am hoping that if i ramble on enough my thoughts will organize themselves into what looks like a well planned out blog! And no my blogs are not planned, I have sat down to plan out a  few blogs and I just cannot do it. I lose to much of the emotion and just about all of my feelings get lost, so I like to just start typing and let the Lord take this wherever he wants.

Speaking of planning things out and just letting God lead the way, where do you draw the line? I am not in any way asking to take God out of the picture, but I am asking do you plan every minute of everyday to include your time with the Lord or do you leave it all open and just do things as you feel led to do them?

As a mother of two special needs children and the wife of a special needs, I would like to have everything planned and scheduled, but at the same time I find it nearly impossible to even have the most basic of routines.  I have done lots of praying on this matter as well as lots of research. They both led me to a wonderful website in which I have not only learned a lot about routines and house cleaning but I have also met some truly lovely friends and supporters. The website I speak of is www.flylady.net and Marla Cilley is the founder and creator of a wonderful system that not only gets your house clean but your entire life organized one baby step at a time.

With that said, even with the Flylady‘s wonderful help and all the great support of fellow flybabies, I still have a horrible time with this. Sure I can write out the perfect schedule for my family, I can create routines all day long, but when it comes down to fact or fiction they are just words on paper.  My kids have never been in bed by 8pm and if I am awake at 6am it’s usually because I haven’t went to bed yet. I have alarms and timers going off constantly but much of the time they are just background noise in an already loud symphony of chaos and catastrophe.

For the longest time I believed theat even among thousands of flysisters I was the only mother that struggled with this. Somehow in my sometimes very dense brain I had convinced myself that my children were the only ones pitching tantrums at 2 am because their movie went off and I couldn’t find the remote quick enough. I thought I was the only mother that struggled with all the ins and outs of having a family. that is until I opened up and started sharing my troubles, then one by one others stood in line with me. I now see that the average mom don’t have it together unless they run their house hold like a prison boot camp. We all struggle with something, rather it be laundry, dishes, or bedtime. My somethings just happen to be everything! Just like my kids are my everything.

I will continue to write out schedules and routines. And I will continue to baby step my way to a happier home, but I know that no matter how perfect things look on paper, they are just words and in reality no ones perfect, no family is perfect and nothing is going to change that.

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