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WOW what a Manic Monday!

WOW was today hectic or what! I was way too busy to even think about what was going on! Jacob had a sleepover last night and of course since they didn’t have school today, they were up at the break of dawn with the tv blaring and computer blasting video games! 6am was way too early for all that! Now of course come tomorrow morning when I am trying to wake them up at 6:30 it’ll be ww3, Jacob has already said that he wasn’t going tomorrow for us to not even bother waking him! Ugh, where did he get the idea that he can pick when he gets to go to school?!

Unfortunately the rest of the week is going to be just as hectic as today…minus the parties and sleepover of course!

We have our usual counseling and play therapy but also Cub Scouts start back this week so that is another thing we will be shoving into an already over booked calendar! Scott also has to call first thing tomorrow to find out about a drug test he has to take for a possible job he is going after. So pray pray pray that he gets this job! We also have curriculum nights for both the kids Tuesday and Wednesday. Don’t know how we are going to do it on Wednesday as Scott and I both have to be at Cub Scouts and will not be able to make it to the Kindergarten Night. Guess I will see if my mom or Granny can go cover for us.

Alright my loves, it is getting late and I have a migraine so I’m going to log off here and log into dream land. Show some love and subscribe or follow in some way. Love you and I will see you again tomorrow!


Today I was inspired by a FACEBOOK friend to start de-cluttering each room in my home. I chose to use the Peter Walsh method of de-cluttering.

This was Jacob’s reaction when I informed him that his room would be the first to get de-cluttered and that he had to help!

Midway I stopped to take a few more pics and it wasn’t looking good. Why is it that things look worse before they look better.

Not the best picture , but here is all the trash we pulled out of his room. A 39 gallon trash bag and a large gift bag full!

On top of all the trash we also filled my trunk with donations for the Goodwill!

TaDa! I think it looks fantastic!

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